In yet another public showing of bipartisan opposition against Net Neutrality and the FCC’s desire to regulate the Internet, Oklahoma’s Democratic Governor Brad Henry joined the 77 House and Senate democrats fighting for a free Internet.  In a recent oped by Gov. Henry, he denounces the FCC’s plan to regulate broadband Internet under the archaic Federal Communications Act of 1934.  Oklahoma itself has already enacted a “hands off” approach to broadband resulting in increased expansion into rural counties, increased subscription, and a 50% price decrease.

While the arguments against Net Neutrality are not changing, what is prevalent is the growing numbers of Democrats to denounce the FCC’s broadband regulation and Net Neutrality rulemakings.  Oklahoma is just an example of how a free Internet will continue to thrive without government regulation.  While the argument is clear, now is the time to continue gaining bipartisan support to defeat this serious threat to regulate the Internet.  Apparently 77 Democrat and over 200 Republican Members of Congress are not enough for the FCC to listen.  Everyday people like Gov. Henry join the opposition.  The FCC cannot ignore this any longer.