Last night’s cloture vote on the Obama-Reid Big Government Healthcare Bill brought an end to any discussion of fiscal conservative or “moderate” Democrats. Two so-called moderate Democrats Ben Nelson and Arlen Specter betrayed taxpayers by violating their Taxpayer Protection Pledges and voting along with 58 other Democrats in support of the healthcare bill. (For a comprehensive list of all the tax hikes in this bill, click here.)

They were the only remaining Democrat Pledge Signers not to have violated their Pledges on at least one occasion. House Democrats including Brad Ellsworth, Ben Chandler, Rob Andrews, and Gene Taylor have all violated their Pledges on multiple occasions.

This appears to be a trend among Congressional Democrats.

Click “read more” to see the list of Pledge violating votes for House Democrats.

House Democrat Pledge Signers
Members H.R. 6 (12-6-07) H.R. 6 (1-18-07) H.R. 2419 H.R. 3996 H.R. 2642 H.R. 3962
Rep. Brad Ellsworth (IN-08)  Aye  Aye  Aye  Aye  Nay  Aye
Rep. Ben Chandler (KY-06)  Aye  Aye  Aye  Aye  Aye  Nay
Rep. Gene Taylor (MS-04)  Aye  Aye  Aye  Nay  Aye  Nay
Rep. Robert Andrews ( NJ-01)  Aye  Aye  Aye  Aye  Aye  Aye