In response to the Federal Communication Commission’s egregious over-stepping to regulate the Internet through broadband reclassification, Senator Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) announced that he will soon introduce legislation to finally rein in the FCC.  The Freedom for Consumer Choice Act (FCC Act) will fight the FCC bureaucrats’ attempts at imposing Net Neutrality and excising taxes and regulations over the Internet.  The FCC Act will protect consumers and the Internet by calling for FCC reform.

The FCC’s “power grab” would give the agency overly broad authority, allowing the government to regulate how data flows through networks and opening the door to price controls on Internet service.  The FCC Act will fight against this.  Reforming the FCC to “a market-based, antitrust-style framework, using an ‘unfair competition’ standard” is what the U.S. needs, not an organization that routinely interprets its authority based on political whim.  This bill would also call for the FCC to utilize timelines on all regulatory decisions and rulemakings.  After five years the proposals would be void, unless there is an express choice to renew them.

The FCC has already ignored court decisions, public disapproval, and bipartisan opposition against imposing regulations on the Internet.  While the details are not yet available, Sen. DeMint’s Freedom for Consumer Choice Act appears to be a bold step in fighting against the FCC and upholding the freedom of the Internet.