"Journalist with pipe" by C.A.D.Schjelderup licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Congressional Democrats have proposed a tax credit for “local news journalists” at newspapers with up to 750 employees. Yes, a special tax cut for reporters.

The Democrats’ multi-trillion-dollar tax and spend plan contains an employment tax credit of up to $12,500 per person for reporters at “eligible” newspapers. As a section-by-section analysis from the Ways and Means Committee details

“The credit amount is equal to 50% of wages for each of the first 4 calendar quarters, and 30% of wages for each calendar quarter thereafter. Eligible local newspaper publisher is any employer that is in the trade or business of publishing a local newspaper that serves the needs of a regional or local community and who employs no more than 750 employees.”  

This special reporter tax carve-out would amount to $1.3 billion. Beneficiaries would likely include many established daily newspapers and left-leaning alternative weeklies, and such papers as The Malibu Times, Aspen Times and the Vineyard Gazette serving the progressive playground of Martha’s Vineyard.

The bill also provides a $1,500 tax credit for the purchase of an “e-bike” costing up to $8,000. So if you are a “local” journalist in the market for an e-bike, your ship has come in.