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Delaware’s state legislature has renewed a push to subsidize the state’s labor unions via tax credits. State Senator Nicole Poore (D-12) and House Majority Leader Valerie Longhurst (D-15) have introduced Senate Bill 72 (SB 72) which seeks to provide union members with a $500 tax credit for their union dues. 

This $500 tax credit is believed to offset the annual dues incurred by union members and seeks to increase labor participation in unions. Furthermore, It should be noted that Both Senator Poore and Majority Leader Longhurst receive major campaign contributions from the same unions that gain with the passage of SB 72. 

Given that unions will oftentimes use the funds they receive from dues to fund the political campaigns of those legislators that seek to enact pro union legislation, the proposition of SB 72 represents a clear conflict of interest. If SB 72 is passed, taxpayer money would be utilized to offset union dues and, in effect, fund the political campaigns of those that seek to advance union interests. 

The interests of labor unions often differ from those of workers. Labor unions will actively seek to erect barriers to prosperity like share the work initiatives, minimum wage legislation, and occupational licensure. The passage of SB 72 would further entrench Delaware’s unions and prevent non union workers from being able to find employment, receive training, and climb the socio-economic ladder. 

One of the principal drivers for this bill seems to be the decline in Delaware’s union membership during the last two years. According to an article by Value Walk, Delaware’s union “membership has gone down from 9.7% of the workforce in 2021 (about 42,000 workers), to 8.5% in 2022 (about 38,000 workers)… [moreover] Delaware’s union participation is lower than the national average of 10.1% in 2022.” 

In summary, the passage of SB 72 would not only greatly impair workers by stripping them of employment, opportunities for advancement, and independent bargaining rights, but would effectively subsidize the campaigns of pro-union candidates and solidify their stranglehold over Delaware politics.

Contact your legislators today. Tell them to oppose SB72