In case Virginia taxpayers were wondering, Creigh Deeds would raise taxes if elected governor.

During an interview this week with the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Sen. Deeds said that he would be willing to sign a transportation bill that included tax increases. In his interview with Jim Nolan of RTD, Sen. Deeds said that he would “…get past the obstructionist viewpoints that have blocked progress on this issue.” Nolan then asked him, “If you’re governor and you get a bill that funds transportation in some form of either general or non-general fund tax increase, will you sign it?” Deeds responded that he would “build consensus around a series of ideas that allow us to fund transportation, and yes, I will sign that bill.”
When he refers to “obstructionist viewpoints,” Deeds is speaking of legislators who stood against the thirteen tax increases he voted for in 2008. Those seeking the governorship of the Commonwealth should possess real leadership – leadership that opposes excessive state government spending and taxing.
Virginia’s state government already spends – and taxes – too much. This year Virginians will spend 229 days – more than half the year – working to pay off the cost of local, state and federal government.
The next governor of Virginia must cut waste, lower state spending, increase government transparency at all levels, and seek solutions without constantly resorting to increasing the taxes of hardworking Virginians.
If Sen. Deeds truly wants to bring investment and lasting employment to Virginia, he must reject tax increases.
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Photo credit: john.murden