While Texas has been a leader in government transparency when it comes to spending, Rep. Van Taylor recently introduced and secured approval of a rules change in the Texas House of Representatives that will further the state’s legacy as a leader in government transparency that other states may strive to emulate. With Texas already a leader in government spending transparency, Rep. Taylor’s rule change will bring greater transparency to the tax writing process in 2013 and beyond.

Rep. Taylor’s rule change requires that any bill that imposes, authorizes, increases, or changes the rate or amount of a tax, assessment, surcharge or fee must include a short statement indicating so at the end of its title. This proposed rule change greatly improves the legislative process through increased transparency and will ensure that all lawmakers and their constituents know exactly what they are voting on.

Americans for Tax Reform supports Rep. Taylor's proposal because it will thwart efforts to covertly insert tax increases into legislation through the amendment process. Just as businesses are not allowed to provide false or misleading information in their advertisements, state lawmakers should not be allowed to mislead their colleagues or the public when it comes to legislating.

“Americans for Tax Reform applauds Rep. Van Taylor for his leadership in making the legislative process in Texas more transparent and taxpayer-friendly.  ATR urges lawmakers in other states to look to Rep. Taylor’s reform as a model to emulate” said Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform.