Reports are surfacing today that suggest Democrats are conceding their demand for tax hikes is a non sequitor in the debt limit negotations. After the President's laughable attempt yesterday to blame the government's spending problem on tax treatment of corporate jets (policy he has previously supported) it is clear any discussion involving taxes represents a non-serious approach to the debt limit debate.

The Hill reports today that in an effort to save face on the negotiations, Democrats are hoping to net Republican support for defense spending cuts. As we pointed out in the fall, conservatives should have no problem supporting military prudence – especially if it comes as a lesson to Democrats that tax hikes can't solve a spending problem.

That Democrats see defense spending as a "concession" from Republicans in the debt limit debate means that ultimately taxpayers will be the winners in these negotiations. This represents recognition, finally, that taxes cannot play a role in solving what is, and remains to be, a government spending problem.

ATR has re-sent its coalition letter, signed by over 30 prominent conservatives leaders, as a reminder to lawmakers that defense cuts should be a part of any serious discussion on spending. This proves once again that only once taxes are taken off the table, serious spending reform can be accomplished.