Another Candidate has Signed ATR\’s Taxpayer Protection Pledge in the Texas District 19 Race

WASHINGTON — Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) applauds David Langston for signing the Taxpayer Protection Pledge sponsored by ATR on March 21, 2003. Langston is running for the District 19 congressional seat in Texas. Langston is yet another candidate who is aware that taxes are a major concern for his constituents. The pledge commits him, and the many others nationwide that have signed it, to oppose any and all efforts to raise tax rates.

In signing the pledge, Langston joins the ranks of 55 other Texas politicians in the fight to protect the taxpayer. There are four state senators, 32 state representatives, two national senators, and 16 national representatives. The Most notable signer from Texas is the president, George W. Bush (R). In this congressional race, four additional candidates have also signed the pledge including Bill Christian, Mike Conaway, Carl H. Isett, and Randy Neugebauer. To date on the national level 41 senators, and 216 members of the House have signed the pledge.

"In signing this pledge, Langston has sent an important message to the voters of District 19," commented Grover Norquist, president of ATR. "That the candidates there know what the people want, deserve and need… representatives that will vote to protect their constituents hard-earned money."

Langston has of late served as chair of numerous organizations in Texas such as; the Lubbock Culture and Arts Commission, Community in Schools on the South Plains Inc., American Museum of Agriculture, and the Youth Corp, to name a few. Politically he has run in several campaigns and served as mayor of Lubbock from 1992 to 1996 and from 1980 to 1995.

"Just as with any pledge signer, Langston has made himself a candidate that the voters should be on the watch for," added Norquist. "The voters can rest assured on the crucial issue, that their money will be protected."