GOP activist Dave Evans recently became the first candidate in the 2010 midterm election for Tennessee’s 6th Congressional district to sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge.

Evans is a GOP Primary candidate looking to take on incumbent, Bart Gordon, who has served since 1985 after Al Gore was elected to the US Senate. The seat is rated by Cook Political Report as R+13 on the PVI index. The ATR Lifetime Rating for Gordon is an abysmal 32%, no friend of the taxpayer by any measure.
By signing the pledge Mr. Evans has made a commitment to the taxpayers in the 6th Congressional District in Tennessee that he will fight to ensure that their taxes will not be raised. Rep. Bart Gordon is not a pledge-signer, but we here at ATR encourage him and all candidates for Federal office to sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge and let the taxpayers in this country know that they stand with them; against higher taxes, higher spending and higher deficits.
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