Businessman Danny Tarkanian has defeated tax-hiking state Sen. Michael Roberson in the GOP primary for Nevada’s open Third Congressional District.

Despite the endorsement of Gov. Brian Sandoval, Silver State taxpayers were clearly frustrated with Roberson’s broken promise, “to oppose and vote against any and all tax hikes.”

Tarkanian, a Taxpayer Protection Pledge signer, hammered Roberson throughout the campaign over his decision to break his “No New Tax” promise and help steer through the state senate Gov. Sandoval’s $1.4 billion tax hike.

ATR President Grover Norquist endorsed Tarkanian over Roberson. “Too many of Nevada’s politicians say one thing and do another,” said Norquist. “I am personally reminding Nevada voters that state Sen. Michael Roberson broke his promise to you to oppose any and all tax hikes. He voted for last year’s one-and-a-half-billion dollar tax hike, the largest tax hike in Nevada’s history.”

“Last night was a victory for taxpayers. Washington doesn’t need another big government politician saying one thing to get elected and doing something else entirely in Congress. We need more conservatives like Danny Tarkanian in Congress to help jumpstart the economy by cutting taxes and simplifying the tax code,” said Grover Norquist, president of Americans for tax Reform.