It is no secret that Democrats are frightened by this November’s elections.  However, all Americans should be frightened by the lame duck session in the months between November’s elections and the swearing in of the 112th Congress in January.

Democratic Senators and Congressmen who lose their seats in the November elections may attempt to push legislation through that otherwise would have stalled.  With a nothing to lose attitude, these elected officials may look sidestep their constituents and pass controversial legislation.The Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) is a disastrous piece of legislation that entails card check, a system that would abolish the secret ballot and allow union bosses to intimidate their employees.

Senator Casey is pushing for his pension bill which essentially establishes a tax-payer funded bailout for failing pension funds.

Also up on the board are proposed energy taxes.  In an attempt to promote their agendas, some Democratic politicians may attempt to raise energy taxes which would increase our dependence on foreign oil and kill American jobs.

These dangerous proposals are just a few on the laundry list of ideas that Dems would like to see be turned into law.  With the November elections looking worse and worse for Democrats, Americans cannot afford for the irresponsible behavior of a lame duck session.