Katie McAuliffe,  Federal  Affairs manager at Americans for Tax Reform, wrote an Op-Ed for Forbes in opposition to the so-called “Marketplace Fairness Act”:

“States are leveraging their self-imposed tax collection delay to pressure Congress to pass a misguided law that would allow state regulators and tax collectors to reach across state lines in search of bigger cash cows, such as business income taxes. Their ultimate goal is to export their tax and regulatory burden to Americans who have no recourse at the ballot box. A politician’s dream come true.”

Katie McAuliffe wrote another Op-Ed for CNS News about how the Obama Administration wants to unilaterally raise taxes on phone bills nationwide:

“The increased tax would go to a government-run program called E-Rate, which was ostensibly designed to connect low-income schools to high-speed Internet. Internet access is important for student success, but before the administration rushes to throw money to another federal program, it should assess how that program is working.”

Chuck Ross of The Daily Caller mentioned ATR’s petition to keep Obamacare out of the NFL in his article: “Baltimore Ravens kick off Obamacare promotion”

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