John Crewdson of Bloomberg News writes, “If Congress adopts a bill that the National Rifle Association is pushing, Florida’s licenses would apply to 49 states in all — allowing their holders to carry hidden guns in places such as midtown Manhattan, where the New York Police Department rejects most such applications for “concealed- carry” permits.”  Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform explained, ‘If adopted, the federal reciprocity bill would cause the number of handguns to “jump significantly,”.  Norquist extrapolated that people who live in one state and travel frequently to another for work or other reasons would buy more guns.

As reported by Eli Lake of The Daily Beast: “Powerful Republican committee chairman Buck McKeon said Monday he prefers tax increases over defense cuts—despite his party’s famous No New Taxes Pledge. In an interview with The Daily Beast, Grover Norquist responded by saying, “It’s like playing chess with a guy who announces where he is going to move…Guess how the Democrats are going to approach him now. He just said, 'if you tell me this is the choice, I will fold.' He was elected by his constituents promising to them that he will never raise taxes, I hope he keeps his word.” Norquist said."

David Weigel of Slate reported on Monday that Thaddeus McCotter introduced a Social Security Reform policy proposal similar to the Ryan-Sununu plan that would limit the obligations of the program by creating private accounts for people under 50 to go alongside some smaller guaranteed benefits.  McCotter's plan was endorsed on the scene by Grover Norquist.