Grover Norquist appears in the Financial Times warning that, “Republicans can still fail to triumph.”  Despite the record unpopularity of the Democrats in Washington, Norquist reminds us that, “…the election is not today. It is on November 2. And while it is too late for Democrats to escape a drubbing, there is still time for them to claw back lost ground. Distractions are especially dangerous because Republicans are riding a wave of national anger at government spending. This is seen by voters as not simply wasteful, but threatening to our economy and indeed the republic. No Democrat should be able to avoid responsibility for the failed stimulus, bank bail-outs, or coming spending on healthcare or energy taxes.”

From Chip Hanlon’s, “Wham! Americans for Tax Reform SLAMS Abel Maldonado.” According to Hanlon: “One thing no California conservative should stand for is watching Abel Maldonado cast himself as some sort of taxpayer advocate. When I saw him touting the 'hero of the taxpayer' award that was once bestowed upon him by Americans for Tax Reform, I figured that had to have been a lifetime ago–and that ATR's opinion of him had likely changed a great deal over time… So I gave them a call… ‘Politicians like Abel Maldonado are the reason why the CA legislature’s approval rating is at its lowest point in history,' said Patrick Gleason, ATR's Director of State Affairs… ‘We have nothing good to say about the guy.’ ”

In The Baltimore Sun a reader responds, “Andy Harris won’t raise taxes.”  The reader has some stern words for Rep. Frank Kratovil and his claim that Sen. Andy Harris intends to implement a 23 percent national sales tax, “Mr. Harris has made it clear that he is dead set against raising taxes of any kind, and his voting record proves it. Please look it up for yourself. He has steadfastly voted against higher taxes for the past 12 years as a Maryland state senator… Has Frank Kratovil signed the Americans for Tax Reform's Taxpayer Protection Pledge? Andy Harris has, and we can expect that he will be true to his pledge to oppose any and all tax increases.”