ATR friend and ally, Chris Freind writes in Philly Mag’s ‘The Philly Post’, “After 50 Years in Politics, Mike Castle Had to Go.”  He continues, “Can O’Donnell win? Certainly. Will she? Impossible to answer, since the next seven weeks is equivalent to a political lifetime. But now that Democrat Mike Castle is finally out of the picture, at least Delaware voters have a clear choice on Election Day.”

Grover Norquist appears in The American Spectator with “Contract Negotiations.”  He writes, “A political contract between a chastened Republican Party and the American people will lead to Republican wins in 2010, but more importantly will force those same Republicans to govern the same  way they campaigned on the spending issue.”

From the, “Tierney and the Teamsters? God Help Us.”  ATR friend and ally, Chris Freind appears again, this time taking on Big Labor and the greed that has run the Teamsters into the ground.  “Bottom line: the Teamsters’ leadership needs a reality check… Just as important, the unions who publicly lambasted the Teamsters should be commended for their courage.  Management and Labor will always have their disputes, but as long as the ultimate goal on both sides is continued employment and growth, common-sense agreements can always be reached.”

Ryan Ellis, ATR tax policy director, blasts Congressional Democrats in The Washington Times.  “The U.S. House of Representatives is poised this week to send H.R. 5297 to President Obama's desk. It's a mixture of small tax breaks and tax increases, but one of the latter demonstrates how tone-deaf congressional Democrats have become. The tax increase in question imposes a new paperwork-filing burden on the 10 million homeowners who rent out their second homes – "landlords," to use the preferred derogatory nomenclature of the left. Starting in about 100 days, homeowners will have to issue 1099-MISC forms to any person or unincorporated firm with which they do at least $600 in business over the course of the year.”

In Human Events, Grover Norquist reviews Erick Erickson and Lewis K. Uhler’s new book, Red State Uprising.  “Erickson and Uhler have written an informed and informative book subtitled ‘How to Take Back America,’ that speaks to the Tea Party movement: how it came about, what it has accomplished and, importantly, what it can and should do in the future and what pitfalls to avoid. It is full of good history, incisive political analysis and sound policy prescriptions.”