“Keep It Real Conservatives,” says Grover Norquist on FoxNews.com.  The president of Americans for Tax Reform warns conservatives not to get complacent or distracted, “If we work hard, harder and hardest then today’s cheerful polling data can be the harbinger of victory when real votes by real people are counted on November 2… Too much government spending is killing jobs, businesses, clouding our economic future… And new issues give Democrats an opportunity to separate themselves from the unpopular Obama, Reid and Pelosi.”

ATR’s own Kelly William Cobb appears in The Washington Times with the op-ed: “Island Internet plugs into political favors.”  Despite having only a few thousand customers, Sandwich Isles Communications Inc., receives a generous government subsidy with taxpayer dollars.  Cobb exposes the corruption: “A congressional report last year labeled Sandwich Isles as one of the largest abusers of USF funding, accepting as much as $26.4 million in 2008 to connect just 1,967 households to the Internet. That's a whopping $13,408 in subsidies for each home. In 2009, the company raked in another $24 million.”

In Alaska, Libertarian gubernatorial candidate William Toien challenged the Democrat candidate Ethan Berkowitz to sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge during a live debate. According to the AnchorageDaily News, “He [Toien] pulled out a copy of the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, promising to oppose all tax increases, and signed it with a flourish. [Sean] Parnell [the Republican candidate and incumbent governor] said he had already signed one. Toien asked Berkowitz to sign too. The crowd hooted and clapped… ‘Not today,’ the Democrat said…”