Today in Politico, Americans for Tax Reform’s president Grover Norquist and director for state affairs Patrick Gleason argue that there is a coming energy tax debate on Capitol Hill, despite what some Democrats may say.  The bellwether of this debate is the Marcellus shale natural gas deposits in Pennsylvania.  Norquist and Gleason note:  “Keep an eye on the Pennsylvania Legislature in coming weeks. What happens there not only is likely to affect the midterm elections in this bellwether state but could provide clues to the coming energy debate on Capitol Hill.”

Grover Norquist appears in Newsmax and brings light to the problem of Obamacare and 1099 reporting.  The apparent fix to 1099 reporting proposed by Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fl) in reality is no fix at all.  Nelson’s fix would repeal job creations measures for the nation’s leading oil companies.  Norquist concluded, “Repealing this job creating tax rule is an effective tax increase on an industry that indirectly or directly employs over 9 million workers and adds over a trillion dollars to the American economy.”

From the Business and Media Institute: “With Tax Hikes Soon, Cable News Uses 'Tax Cut' Phrasing 13 Times as Much.”  Despite a looming tax hike on January 1, 2011, the mainstream media continues to push the story as though the debate surrounds tax cuts. The article notes, “Primetime cable shows on MSNBC, CNN and Fox News Channel have focused on the fight over “tax cuts” more than 13 times as often as they discussed it in terms of tax hikes.”