Grover Norquist appears in The Hill and answers the big question, “Should the GOP back middle-class tax cuts?”  He responds: “The Democrats are looking for an excuse, any excuse to avoid keeping their promise to keep the Obama tax hikes in January 2011 from hitting anyone who earns less than $250,000… Republicans should not give them any excuse to postpone—and never do—what they have refused to do every day of the year for three to four years now.”

Americans for Tax Reform’s own Mattie Corrao writes in The Daily Caller, “Feds’ next target: your cold medicine… Requiring a prescription for commonly-used cold medicines punishes cough sufferers for the illicit behavior of a few. With consumers already starting to feel the squeeze of increased costs under Obamacare, the FDA should be concerned with the impact of adding even more too health care costs.”

ATR blasts back at Nevada Democrat Dina Titus for running ads distorting the Taxpayer Protection pledge.  The Wall Street Journal notes: “Democrats say the attack is fair, since ending the tax break would be tantamount to raising taxes. But ATR officials say the charge is false, since the pledge states that ending tax credits is OK as long as the changes are balanced out with additional tax cuts to make the effect neutral.”

Ryan Ellis, director of tax policy at Americans for Tax Reform, appeared on CNBC to debate Capital Gains tax cuts with Michael Lind of the New America Foundation.  The video of their exchange can be found here.