Limited Government goes global! Grover Norquist writes in the UK’s Guardian: “The Tea Party leadership are new faces. They are still learning how to channel their concerns into political victories… But for three days in London the secrets of the great US tax rebellion are being shared with activists from China and Britain, Korea and Canada – and enough dropped matches just might start something interesting.”

Representative Dina Titus (D-NV) still won’t back down from her distortions and blatantly false claims against her opponent, Republican Joe Heck. As Benjamin Spillman in The Las Vegas Review-Journal notes: “FactCheck[.org] also criticized as false a claim [by the Titus campaign] that signers of an anti-tax pledge from Americans for Tax Reform agreed to ‘tax breaks for companies that send jobs overseas.’ The pledge, signed by Heck, is a broad promise to keep taxes at or lower than current levels, and doesn't mention specific tax breaks, credits, incentives or jobs.”

Ed Driscoll, of Ed, appears in Pajamas Media and has some fun at the expense of California gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown: “Jerry Brown promises to finally get California out of Vietnam War”.  As Driscoll notes, Brown recently told a crowd of California business leaders regarding the states fiscal quagmire: “I have a plan; I’ll tell you after the election.”

Democrats continue to smear the Taxpayer Protection Pledge and their Republican challengers.  The blog A Charging Elephant notes: “The Rick Larsen Campaign recently launched a new line of attack on John Koster by attempting to mislead voters about the actual meaning of the Taxpayer Protection Pledge. This is not the first time Democrats have tried to misrepresent the meaning of the Pledge. During the special election in HI-01, the DCCC ran misleading attack ads against the Pledge. … responded by condemning the DCCC and agreeing that the ads were ‘blatantly false.’