Americans for Tax Reform’s own Mattie Corrao appears in the opinion pages in The Washington Times with “Getting the drop on cough medicine.”  She notes: “The FDA has announced it will hold a hearing in September to discuss the safety of dextromethorphan, an ingredient in more than 100 common cough and cold medications. Absent any compelling evidence that abuse of the drug is widespread or growing, the FDA has decided what recreational use of cough medicines does exist is egregious enough to require redress.”

Chris Prandoni appears in The Daily Caller with a great piece on how Big Labor is lining up to support Barack Obama and the Democrats’ Big Government policies this election cycle: “Democratic members facing tough races will likely enlist Big Labor to drum up support and money for their campaigns…  Unions know their only chance to get theirs is during a lame duck session, when soon-to-be unemployed members of Congress must expiate for prior support.”

The American Spectator debunks the argument that the Tea Party exposes the strains in the GOP’s “Big Tent.”  As Grover Norquist puts it, “The pro-family, traditional-values conservatives are an important part of the "Leave Us Alone" coalition… The development of a national grassroots conservative activism grew out of a self-defensive response to threats from the Carter Administration to regulate Christian radio stations and remove the tax-exempt status of Christian private schools.”

The blog has some sharp commentary on the recent article “120 Days to Go Until the Largest Tax Hikes in History” by Americans for Tax Reform’s tax policy director Ryan Ellis.  The blog notes that not only have congressional Democrats punted on producing a budget this year, they still show no signs of trying to stop the January 1, 2011 tax increases.