From Nevada News and Views: "ATR Comes Back Swinging at Dina ' Tax-Us'."  Democrats seem to be truly committed this election cycle to misleading the American people about what the Taxpayer Protection Pledge means.  Besides Dina Titus, Rep. Mark Schauer (D-Mich.) and the Democratic Party of Wisconsin have made similar blatantly false attacks.  

Is Pennsylvania’s Democrat gubernatorial candidate Dan Onorato suffering from short term memory loss?  According to WITF: “For months, Onorato has decried Republican Tom Corbett’s pledge not to raise taxes as a “gimmick” and a stunt. But starting last week, Onorato began flat-out promising not to raise revenues, if he becomes governor next year. During a Capitol press conference today, Onorato was blunt. ‘I don’t plan on raising taxes,’ he said.” highlights a recent International Policy Network study showing that the political talking point saying we should invest in “green jobs” is bunk.  Investing in “green jobs” is actually a terrible investment. The article notes: “ATR [Americans for Tax Reform] previously stated that ‘it is estimated that for every government mandated ‘green energy job' created, 2.2 jobs in the private sector were prevented from being created’.”