Janet Novack of Forbes. wrote an article entitled “Illinois High Court Shoots Down Amazon Sales Tax Law; Will SCOTUS Step In?” Americans for Tax Reform is against the Marketplace Fairness Act:

“The Marketplace Fairness Act faces an iffy future in the fractious House, where it is supported by some Republicans, but opposed by many others.  Technically, consumers are supposed to send their home state the applicable sales tax (or “use tax” as it’s technically called when levied on out of state purchases) if they buy from a web site or catalog merchant that doesn’t collect the tax.  But they almost never do.  Grover Norquist, whose “Taxpayer Protection Pledge” to oppose tax increases has been signed by almost all House Republicans, has declared that the Marketplace Fairness Act “can only be viewed as a tax increase” and violates that pledge.”

Garrison Wells of The Gazette wrote an article entitled “Amendment 66: Battle over Colorado school tax draws big money, heavy hitters.” Americans for Tax Reform is against this measure:

“Increasing taxes while the state's economy wrestles with recovery is a bad idea and that most of the money won't trickle down to teachers and students. It will be eaten up at administrative levels and fund PERA, while leaving the door open for future tax increases.”