Grover Norquist was quoted in Becket Adams of The Blaze’s article “The Number Of People Who Have Reportedly Signed Up For Obamacare is Embarassingly Low”:

            ““There was no good reason to hide these number,” Norquist said, referring to the White House’s refusal to comment on the official figures. “This is not keeping a secret from the Russians or the Syrians. … Why lie about this, for crying out loud?””

The Washington Free Beacon picked up Chris Chaney, state affairs associate, blog post entitled “Hollywood Receives $500,000 to Boost Obamacare”:
            “The California Endowment recently awarded a $500,000 grant to a program affiliated with USC Annenberg’s Norman Lear Center. The program’s director told Marketplace that people learn from TV and tend to regard what a fictional doctor tells a fictional patient as fact. In this case, the fictional doctor will tell the fictional patient how to get enrolled in Obamacare. And for that, the writer will probably win an Emmy.”

4-Traders picked up Tom Fletcher, federal affairs associate, blog post entitled “It’s Time To repeal The Ethanol Mandate”:

            “The problem with the Renewable Fuel Standard is simple: mixing large amounts of ethanol in gasoline is economically inefficient and can damage vehicles' engines. A study by NERA Economic Consulting concluded that the ethanol mandate could increase the price of gasoline by 30 percent and increase the price of diesel by 300 percent. Furthermore, ethanol delivers 25 percent fewer miles per gallon than gasoline with numerous studies showing that ethanol's corrosive properties damage engines. Increasing the ethanol blend per gallon of gasoline, which is what the EPA is considering, could severely damage older vehicles. Fearing the worse, both auto manufacturers and AAA have come out warning against the new standards.”