Grover Norquist wrote an Op-Ed for The Guardian entitled “A GOP plan B: a deal to get a win-win from shutdown and debt ceiling crisis”:

      “Republicans in the House walked away from Cruz's "everything or nothing" non-negotiable demand and have offered a series of compromise deals: a one-year delay in Obamacare, a one-year delay in the mandate to buy health insurance, the repeal of the tax on medical devices, and a law overturning Obama's Office of Personnel Management ruling that congressional staff would not have to live under Obamacare.

With no agreement, the previous continuing resolution lapsed. The government shutdown, which means that President Obama largely chooses what to fund and what to not fund – subject to rules established (and therefore changeable) by the executive branch: read, the president's appointees.”

Grover Norquist was on Ransom Notes Radio where he discussed the theatrics of the “government shutdown.”