Grover Norquist was on CNN’s Piers Morgan Live on Tuesday evening. Grover discussed his views on the government shutdown.

Grover Norquist was quoted in article by Paul Krawzak of CQ Roll Call “Budget-Focused Republicans See Sequester, Debt Limit Drawing Democrats to Fiscal Deal”:

            ““You could dramatically reduce unfunded liabilities in return for some spending now,” he said. “You could trade some spending today for reform of entitlements, and you could get big reform of entitlements because it’s over time.””

Christopher Prandoni, Federal Affairs manager, wrote an Op-Ed for Forbes entitled “America’s Fracking Revolution Is Threatened By A New report From the State Department”:

            “The State Department’s report goes on to brag about the recent decline US GHG emissions, reductions largely brought about by an increased use of natural gas to generate electricity. And yet, after touting the benefits of natural gas-generated electricity, the State Department highlights an “interagency methane strategy” that undoubtedly will make it more difficult to use natural gas to generate electricity.”