Appearing in The Daily Caller, ATR’s own Patrick Gleason demolishes a recent Natural Resource Defense Council poll on Cap and Trade and the average American’s opinion of “clean energy legislation.”  Gleason notes, “NRDC’s summary of their survey is full of ambiguous platitudes, vapid buzz words, and boasts that a ‘majority of voters are on the side of clean energy’ and that ‘clean energy legislation is still polling ahead’ in the 23 Democrat-controlled districts that were surveyed… NRDC touts the results of their meaningless survey as ‘significant.’ I would hold up the marked decline in support for, and likely defeat of, Democratic members who have supported Obama, Reid, and Pelosi’s anti-energy agenda as more significant.”

Check out the video of Grover Norquist’s recent interview with Justine Rosenthal of The National Interest.  The 2010 midterm elections, what the political environment will be like after the election, the Tea Party movement, and out of control spending are among the topics they discuss. 

Nicole Kurokowa argues in The Daily Caller that while President Obama claims to be supportive of women in business on one hand, his economic policies are actually making life very hard for entrepreneurial women across the country: “The nation’s female entrepreneurs will play a key role in restoring the nation’s economy. But to do so, the government needs to put in place policies that will help them succeed, and not deliberately hobble their chances.  Government policies can help or hurt women business owners — so isn’t it time the government started doing more of the former, and less of the latter?”

The Detroit News has joined the ever growing list of national media and local news publications condemning the Democrats and DCCC’s false attacks on the Taxpayer Protection Pledge and the candidates who have signed it: “Steele and other candidates nationwide have signed a ‘Taxpayer Protection Pledge’ circulated by Americans for Tax Reform, which is the basis for the ad's attack. However, after signers in other states were similarly accused of supporting outsourcing companies, ATR clarified — as did and the Associated Press — that the pledge does not protect any companies and says nothing about jobs; it simply vows to oppose tax increases… The ad recycles an attack used in other races and misrepresents the opponent's position.”