FactCheck.org slams Arkansas Democrat Joyce Elliott for “bearing false witness” in her attacks on challenger Tim Griffin and the Taxpayer Protection Pledge.  They note, “This is unfounded, as we have noted again and again. The claim is based on Griffin’s support of the Americans for Tax Reform pledge. But, as we have written, the pledge protects corporations (and individual taxpayers) from a tax  increase unless it is matched dollar-for-dollar by a tax cut. So, the no-tax pledge is not absolute and it says nothing about protecting U.S. companies with foreign operations that ‘ship jobs overseas.’”

ATR friend and ally, Charles Freind appears in The Philly Post and Newsmax, posing the question: “Is Philadelphia the Next Greece?” He notes, “Short of the city declaring bankruptcy, Philadelphia will further descend into chaos, being rightfully viewed as a Third World town. Why? Because Mayor Nutter, like so many politicians, believes government creates jobs and wealth, when in reality, the opposite is true.” 

Marketplace Magazine becomes the newest news source to denounce a Democrat’s “blatantly false” and “totally misleading” attacks on his challenger and the Taxpayer Protection Pledge.   Steve Prestegard notes that Wisconsin Democrat Steve Kagen is so far off the reservation with his attacks it would be nearly impossible for him to have actually read the Pledge itself, let alone done a quick internet search for earlier refutations of similar attacks by Democrats published by numerous media sources, including FactCheck.org. 

“Is the FCC more European than Europe?”  That is the question posed by ATR’s own Kelly Cobb in The Daily Caller. “It is not often that Americans can look to Europe for regulatory leadership. But the pushback net neutrality has received — even from a pro-regulatory European body — is yet another reason the FCC should think twice before acting.”