The National Journal asks, “Any Silver Linings In Jobs Report?”  Americans for Tax Reform president Grover Norquist responds, A silver lining in an unemployment rate of 9.6 percent? …Maybe, just maybe, this will do for Keynesian Economics what the Soviet Union did for socialism. Billions of dollars were thrown away in "stimulus" spending and unemployment got worse. … this is the equivalent of taking a bucket of water from one side of a lake and pouring it back into the other side of the lake and explaining that Obama and/or Keynes has a theory that this will stimulate the lake to great depths. Keynes and Obama. No man's life is a complete waste….some serve as bad examples.”  

The return of the Byrd Committee!  From The Daily Caller: “Powerful members of the House and Senate Appropriations Committees – or Cardinals, as they are nicknamed – have long worked together to spend ever-larger sums… But leading critics of government’s size and scope believe they have part of the answer to their Cardinal foes… “I call it the anti-appropriations committee,” said Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform… Modeled on the ‘Byrd Committee,’ a bicameral commission begun in the early 1940s, the committee could recommend ways to reduce spending which would then be subject to a privileged up-or-down vote on the House and Senate floors.”

The Washington Post’s “44 Politics and Policy” blog became the newest news source to highlight the false attacks being made by desperate Democrats across the country against the Taxpayer Protection Pledge and the candidates who have signed it.  The article notes – in regards to a recent DCCC attack ad against NY-23 candidate Matt Doheny – “That last claim is false, according to an April report from The pledge, sponsored by Americans for Tax Reform, would only protect corporations from an overall tax increase”