No rest for the helpful.  American’s for Tax Reform’s own Patrick Gleason appears in The Daily Caller and makes the point regarding U.S. companies who aided in the rescue of the trapped Chilean miners that captivated the world, “While President Obama was undoubtedly sincere in his praise, what has not been mentioned by any account of the ordeal is the fact that the policies pursued by President Obama and congressional Democrats reward those who came to the rescue of the entrapped miners with a bevy of draconian tax increases in the coming months.

Ashlea Ebeling writes in Forbes, “Blame Obamacare For New FSA Limits And Act Now To Save.”  Ebling highlights the problems Obamacare is causing for those who may want to continue to use their FSA dollars to purchase basic over the counter drugs – come January 1, 2011, they will be worthless when trying to make such a purchase.  As Ryan Ellis, tax policy director at ATR notes in the article, “The Democrats hate anything that’s account-based healthcare… In their zeal to get rid of them and put caps on them and increase taxes on them, there is collateral damage.”

From the, “Reasons #4 & 5 to Vote Out Phil Hare.”  If his questions as to the importance of the Constitution weren’t enough to vote for his challenger: “Phil Hare wants to raise your taxes. In fact, Hare has supported all kinds of tax increases in his short tenure in office… Phil Hare has received a 0/100 rating from Americans for Tax Reform, a 2/100 rating from the National Taxpayers Union, and a 4/100 rating from Citizens Against Government Waste. He also received an "F" grade from the National Tax-Limitation Committee.” 

Democrats continue to attack the Taxpayer Protection Pledge and the candidates who have signed it, despite their claims being debunked and disproven again and againThe blog, Washington State Impolite, however, has a new take on the Democrat attacks: “Mr. Obama targeted American based corporations who manage overseas operation from America. He seeks to disallow the tax deduction of the cost of American operations… The effect of disallowing cost deduction of American management will send the management jobs overseas. The Democratic Party proposal will have the opposite effect of what they claim; their policies will ship American jobs overseas.”