ATR’s own Mattie Corrao appears in The Daily Caller and calls for defense spending cuts to be left on the table, especially the extra engine program for the Joint Strike Fighter: “This reveals the ethos guiding the proponents of the extra engine program in particular and larger defense spending in general — individuals who foresee a $3 billion subsidy staked on the unlikely probability of netting $2 billion in savings as a worthwhile gamble. This is stupidity of a government magnitude… With spending gaining traction as a significant issue with voters ahead of the November elections, Congress should be wary of such an overt demonstration of pork-barrel patronage and Members should be especially leery of idolizing defense spending.”

From today’s Politico, “Unemployment rate stays at 9.6 percent.”  Congressional Democrats would have us believe that this rests on the shoulders of former President Bush, but as the article notes, “‘The liberals are going to believe that it was Bush, but the rest of country knows that it is two years of out-control-government,’ said Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform and leader of a loose network of conservative groups.”