ATR’s Adam Radman appears in highlighting Congressman Phil Hare’s desperate attempt to mislead voters about Bobby Schilling and the meaning of the Taxpayer Protection Pledge.   “Rep. Phil Hare has attempted to distract voters from the important issues this election cycle: jobs and economic growth. Voters should demand to know from Rep. Hare just how tax hikes on individuals and/or businesses create jobs. In fact, voters should also ask him why he left Washington before putting a stop to one of the largest tax hikes in U.S. History.”

The American Spectator’s Jim Antle wonders, “Somehow, I Don’t Think That’s What Grover Had In Mind.”  He continues, “Here in Massachusetts, I keep seeing these television commercials saying that Republican gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker plans to outsource jobs. In fact, he has even signed a pledge to support tax breaks for outsourcing jobs… This is an awfully misleading representation of the Taxpayer Protection Pledge… Baker is pledging not to raise taxes rather than pledging to ship your job to India.”

In National Review, Dick Morris and Eileen McGann highlight how once again… It’s the economy stupid! “It is fiscal and economic purity that rules the day. Anyone who voted for cap-and-trade is targeted in the primary. And there is no place for a candidate who ever backed a tax increase. Every candidate has to sign the no-tax pledge that Grover Norquist formulated for Americans for Tax Reform.Where Republican politicians were once terrified to move to the left on social issues, they are now more frightened of retribution for departures from fiscal orthodoxy.”

Also appearing in National Review, Phil Kerpen warns of looming Social Security tax hikes during the lame-duck session. “An analysis by Americans for Tax Reform found that the 'balance' favored by commission members Erskine Bowles and Judd Gregg would include an astonishing $26.7 trillion tax hike, a crushing blow to economic growth and the largest expansion of government in history. It makes the fight over the Bush tax cuts look like peanuts.”