In the Boston Herald, Holly Robichaud the Lone Republican declares, “No Truth in Advertising.”  She continues, “Explain to me how pledging not to raise taxes sends jobs overseas.  What am I talking about?  Democrats are running an attack ad against Charlie Baker criticizing him for signing the No New Taxes pledge.  They say by signing the pledge he is sending jobs overseas.  I am not joking.  That’s right according to the Democrats keeping taxes low sends jobs abroad.”

A blogger in’s The Green Room takes on the Bangor Daily News’s assertion that Obama’s January, 2011 tax-hike is no tax-hike at all.  “Those who write editorials like this have no idea how badly they debase a profession our founders held in such esteem. They have become more invested in protecting an ideology than pursuing the ideal that the founders intended for their field… And the worst part? They’re doing so willingly. Consider this: journalists in Soviet Russia had to be coerced into protecting the regime.”

Long-time ATR friend and ally Chris Freind writes, “In Defense of the Tea Party” in The Philly Post.  “Despite headlines that Tea Party candidates and their supporters are radical and extremist, the truth is that most rank-and-file Tea Partiers simply advocate adhering to the Republican platform… In most cases, when a Tea Party candidate loses a primary, he works within the framework of the Party to ensure a Republican victory… But the same cannot be said of the Establishment types who believe more in coronations than elections.”