National Review Online reports, “A State Income Tax for Washington?”   From the article: “Joshua Culling, state-affairs manager for Americans for Tax Reform, said I-1098 would mirror the negative economic impact of allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire on the wealthiest earners… If the initiative passes and the Bush tax cuts are allowed to expire, Culling says, Washington taxpayers — including many small businesses — would be hit with a ‘taxation double whammy’ that would seriously harm the state’s economy and prompt many state-based businesses to seek more favorable tax environments in other states.”

“Thirsting for a sip of the amazing American brew” is the lead story in The Australian.  Janet Albrechtsen hopes that Grover Norquist’s recent visit down under inspires Australians to reshape the Liberal Party much like the Tea Party has done with the GOP.  “If only it could move across the Pacific Ocean…Tea Party anger is fuelling a return to commonsense ideas about cutting spending and reducing the size of government… Someone please spike the drinks at Liberal Party HQ with this fine imported brew. Had the Liberals finessed their message along similar lines before the August election, they may have picked up seats they should have won to take government. Maybe they're learning for next time.”

Oh! The horror!  From The Washington Times: “Uh-oh. Night of the Living TARP could be upon us. While fans of the $700 billion bank bailout celebrated the ‘end’ of TARP in recent days, taxpayers are not off the hook yet. The program intended to rescue financial entities deemed "too big to fail" has itself become a costly behemoth… ‘What TARP did was tell financial institutions – and later, other enterprises, such as the auto industry – that taxpayers will fund risks the private market refused to sustain,’ sighs Grover Norquist, president of the aforementioned ATR. ‘TARP is a state-sponsored vampire: It sucks the lifeblood from taxpayers to reward bad behavior. This Halloween, Americans have more to fear than goblins and ghosts.’”