Grover Norquist appears in Hawaii Free Press and warns “100 days to largest tax hike in history.”  He notes, “It looks like Congress is going to scamper out of Washington, D.C. having done nothing to stop the largest tax hikes in history. In just 100 days, you will be paying higher taxes than you have in over a decade.  What does this mean for you, for your family, for your small business? If you pay taxes, your taxes are going up. Even the lowest tax rate will rise from 10 to 15 percent.  Everybody's tax rate is going up, from the kid with a lemonade stand clear up to Warren Buffett.”

Peggy Noonan writes of “The Twister of 2010” in The Wall Street Journal.  The tumultuous primaries and surging Tea Party candidates have left Democrats scrambling.  “The Democrats have begun what Grover Norquist predicted a month ago. They saved their money for the end of the campaign and have begun running negative ads… They are avoiding the subject of their own votes on health care… They are focusing instead on accusations of personal scandal…At this point in history, with America teetering on the brink of bankruptcy, negative advertising is even more destructive, more actually wicked, than it was in the past.”

Check out Grover Norquist’s interview with Ross Greenwood on 2GB Radio in Australia and his appearance on Australia Broadcasting Corporation’s Lateline.