Michael Cavna of The Washington Post wrote an article entitled “With Amazon’s ‘Alpha House,’ Garry Trudeau again trains his cross-hairs on D.C.” Grover Norquist will be featured in the season finale of “Alpha House.”

            “Garry Trudeau, the celebrated political satirist, best known as creator of the Pulitzer-winning comic strip “Doonesbury,” has an idea. Let’s have Norquist corner one of the many senators in the room and start badgering him about a tax promise. Dollars before decorum, Washington-style. And faster than you can say “special interest,” Trudeau has scripted the senator’s retort to Norquist: “I’m just living the pledge.””

Grover Norquist participated in The Atlantic’s “Ask Washington Anything” series. Reddit user submitted questions to Grover and he responded in the video below.