Jerome Corsi of WND interviewed Grover Norquist in his article entitled “OBAMACARE FIASCO PUTS GOP IN DRIVER'S SEAT”:

            ““There is no longer one single approach for Republicans in Congress to win on Obamacare,” Norquist said.

“Every failure of Obamacare opens a new avenue of attack,” he said. “The vulnerable Democrats of 2014 will now come begging for cover. Republicans can agree to those ‘fixes’ that move toward greater freedom and say no to ‘fixes’ that protect Obamacare at the expense of taxpayers.”

Instead of Republicans alone wanting to defund Obamacare, Norquist argued, the pressure in Congress to delay or change the law is now coming from Democrats.”

Grover Norquist appeared at The Atlantic’s Washington Ideas Forum held at The Newseum where he discussed taxes and sequestration.