Friday evening Grover Norquist appeared on CNN’s Crossfire. Grover took on Ruth Marcus, The Washington Post reporter and a huge supporter of Obamacare.

Grover Norquist wrote an op-ed for the November issue of The American Spectator entitled “Grow With The Flow.”

            “Republican enthusiasm is easy to understand. House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan’s ambitious plan has become the official position of the Republican caucus in the House and Senate. Through block grants, it would give individual states control of various federally funded welfare programs. It would reform Medicare, allowing competition to keep prices down. On the spending side it would save us $5 trillion over the next 10 years. Without the Ryan plan—or something like it—by 2050 the federal government will absorb 40 percent of GDP—as opposed to around 20 percent of GDP, if Ryan’s plan is enacted. Bluntly put, with Ryan we remain America, but without Ryan we become France.

So on paper the GOP has come a long way toward solving the budget problem: Defend the sequester budget limits won in 2011 and, as soon as we win the Senate and White House, pass the Ryan budget. Done. But the Ryan budget provides only an outline for tax reform, which is why House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp and Senate Finance Committee Leader Orrin Hatch are now focused on putting meat on the bones of what they intend to be the most pro-growth tax reform legislation the nation has ever seen.”


Katie Pavlich of picked up Alyssa Canobbio’s, Communications Associate, blog post on Delaware spending $4 Million and only having four enrollees.

            “As Americans for Tax Reform's Alyssa Canobbio points out, four Delaware community groups were given $4 million in federal Obamacare tax money and just two of them have successfully enrolled a single person. Delaware officials are blaming the ongoing failures for the pathetic numbers.

The Obama administration has said it expects 7 million people will be able to enroll in the exchanges by the end of 2013, less than two months from now.”