ATR friend and ally Charles Freind writes in The Philly Post, “Re-Elect Nutter? Philly Gets What It Deserves!  … For decades, Philadelphia’s mayors, including Nutter, have shown their terrible table manners by pigging out at the public trough… Finally, that slovenly feast is coming to an end. But if Philadelphia is to ever regain its former glory, if it is to become a lean-and-mean center for innovation and prosperity, then its citizens must first shed their defeatist attitude that an ingrained Business As Usual Mayor can lead them there… Anything less is just … stupidity.”

Jon E. Dougherty at Newsroom America highlights a study done by ATR’s own Josh Culling, “Study Finds Americans Leaving High-Tax, Union-Dominated States… [the] study by Americans for Tax Reform, said ‘the state and local tax burden is nearly a third lower in states with growing populations,’ and that, as a result, per capita government spending is also lower… ATR also noted in its study that ‘in eight of ten losers, workers can be forced to join a union as a condition of employment. In 7 of the 8 gainers, workers are given a choice whether to join or contribute financially to a union.’”

“Save the Date,” from The Washington Time’s ‘Inside the Beltway’: “What with all the handwringing over Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele's future in the party, this drama could rival ‘The Secret Storm.’ Or maybe ‘Survivor.’ Those who aspire to replace Mr. Steele will strut their stuff in six weeks at the National Press Club, when Americans for Tax Reform will host a debate among candidates for the chairmanship on Jan. 3… [Grover Norquist] urges bloggers and activists to come up with pivotal questions for the hopefuls, who include former Michigan Republican Party Chairman Saul Anuzis, Republican National Committee Political Director Gentry Collins and maybe – or maybe not – Mr. Steele himself.”