An article in The New York Times, by Michael D. Shear and Peter Baker, included Grover Norquist’s thoughts on President Obama’s lavish spending: “Travels of the President Under a Microscope in an Era of Belt Tightening”

 “Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, a group that opposes tax increases, said Mr. Obama brought such criticism on himself.

‘The cost of every vacation and ‘work trip’ is now compared to things he cancels ‘due to sequester,’’ he said. ‘And he cannot complain as he started this ‘blame-the-sequester, there-is-nothing-to-cut’ narrative.’”


In yet another article on Immigration Reform, Gabriel Rodriguez of Policymic quoted Grover Norquist on his thoughts about the coalition supporting the bill:

“However a variety of conservative lobbying groups, from the religious right to the Chamber of Commerce, are expected to flex their lobbying muscle in the House. Grover Norquist, president of the anti-tax Americans for Tax Reform and a leader of the pro-immigration reform conservative said of the effort, ‘Where is the power of the anti-amnesty groups? It is not in the pews, not in the churches, not in the business community. Every free market group in this town is against them except for Heritage.’"


Fox News published the following Op-Ed by Tony Perkins which discusses what the IRS scandal may mean for Americans:  “With the IRS it's now your money and your life”

“As we go forward, we must recognize the urgent need for a tax structure that will not lend itself to continual misuse by corrupt political administrations. It is time we consider abolishing the IRS and our subjective tax structure that invites government intrusion.

Most of all, we should never allow this tainted federal agency to supervise our health care, too. Otherwise, we would deliver into its hands not only our money, but our very lives.”

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