Grover Norquist answers “Is the Gang of Six Irrelevant?” in POLITICO’s Arena: “The “Gang of Six” was not tasked with anything. The “Gang” is a self-appointed group of six senators who announced that they would take the Obama appointed Deficit Commission's failed recommendations and put them in legislative format. Three Republican senators and three Democrat senators did announce that they would put this two trillion dollar tax hike into legislative form. That was four months ago. Where is the legislative language? There are two visions: Obama’s spend and tax more and Ryan’s spend and tax less. There are no votes in the Senate or House for a repeat of the disaster of 1982 and 1990.”

In an article written for Young Americans for Liberty, Grover Norquist says: “If we can avoid being distracted from our true goal of limiting the size of government as a percentage of the economy, take every spending cut we can get the moment it is politically possible, and not place imaginary time limits on our progress to liberty, we can reform entitlements in a politically popular campaign that will also dramatically reduce spending in the near term and cut spending in half within one generation. And with the national debt nearly equal to the GDP, we must eagerly take every spending cut-no matter how small-which we can get.”

Andrew Restuccia from The Hill reports: “Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist warned Tuesday that a vote for the bill would be a violation of a pledge signed by most Republicans not to raise taxes. ‘Raising taxes on oil and natural-gas producers will do little to reduce the deficit — perhaps nothing — and only encourage Washington’s overspending problem,’ Norquist said in a letter to senators. ‘It is for these reasons that I urge you to oppose [the bill], as it is a violation of the Taxpayer Protection Pledge.’”