ATR President Grover Norquist commented on President Obama’s reelection odds in POLITICO’s Arena: “President Obama was elected to fix the economy. His policies have made unemployment worse. His spending has created debt and killed jobs. When the nation focused on this in November 2010, the Democrats lost across the board in the House, Senate, and in gubernatorial and state legislative races. This also happened to Bush in 2006. What followed was 2008. The country will have a choice in November 2012. Vote for less spending and lower taxes or a continuation of big spending increases matched with even larger tax hikes. The reasoning that Americans will vote to bankrupt their nation in response to the Navy SEALs killing a terrorist in Pakistan strikes me as unlikely.”

From ATR’s tax policy director Ryan Ellis in Oil & Gas Journal: “‘If you raise taxes on energy companies, you're simply hurting consumers. Higher taxes mean fewer dollars are available for investments and job.’ Noting the Obama administration's recommendations to federally support renewable energy technology research and development, Ellis added, ‘The question is whether we want to take money from a proven, economically efficient industry and give them to something that's uncertain and untested.’”