From ATR president Grover Norquist on National Review Online: “The doubting Thomases heard loud and clear… from House Speaker John Boehner that there are two lines in the sand. First… tax increases are off the table.  Boehner and 235 other members of the House of Representatives have signed the ‘Taxpayer Protection Pledge’ — a written pledge to their voters that they will oppose and vote against any net tax hike. Second, and this is sheer genius, Boehner has put a sliding-scale price on debt-ceiling increases. The price of the debt-ceiling hike is the the same amount — or more — of real spending cuts. I like the idea of a debt-ceiling-increase vote every month or two.  Keeps Obama on a short leash.”

Julian Pecquet from The Hill: “A pair of Energy and Commerce Republicans voiced support Tuesday for a new strategy to force Democrats to defend every new fee and tax that pays for the healthcare reform law. The idea was proposed by anti-tax activist Grover Norquist, who was on Capitol Hill to share a report highlighting what he said were 20 new taxes created by the law. During his presentation to a room full of mostly Republican staffers, Norquist said the House leadership should have 20 GOP freshmen champion bills repealing each of the provisions. ‘There can be a campaign for every one of these,’ Norquist said. ‘Some Republican freshman can get famous for being … the opponent to one of these particular things.’”