“Expect Congress to reprimand the NLRB” writes ATR’s Chris Prandoni in The Washington Examiner. “With the Democrat dominated 111th Congress failing to enact legislation to stop Big Labor’s hemorrhaging membership numbers, the Obama administration enlisted obscure federal agencies to facilitate unionization and appease the Party’s biggest donors. While controversial considerations and rulemakings by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB)…have gone relatively unnoticed, the Board’s recent Boeing decision has propelled the agency to the forefront of political discussions…   In a bold move, House Republicans included a provision in FAA reauthorization to overturn the NMB’s problematic ruling. Unsurprisingly, Democrats and union-owned Republicans offered amendments to strip this provision out of the FAA bill, but failed to do so. With FAA reauthorization now in conference, there remains a good chance that the NMB’s anti-worker ruling will be annulled.”

Jonathan Atler highlights the ongoing debate between Grover Norquist and Sen. Tom Coburn in Bloomberg. “Sponsored by Grover G. Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform, the famous anti-tax pledge requires Republicans to oppose not just garden variety tax increases but also the removal of any tax subsidy or loophole unaccompanied by reductions in marginal rates. ‘I wrote the pledge this way intentionally,’ Norquist says, ‘so there could be no net tax increases’ … It’s a commendable effort. But any Gang of Six agreement is dead on arrival in the Republican-controlled House. ‘Why would you cut a deal between now and 2012 when you’re going to get a Republican Senate?’ Norquist asks.”

From The American Spectator: “Rep. Todd Rokita, a freshman Republican representing Indiana's Fourth Congressional District, addressed a Newsmaker Breakfast sponsored by The American Spectator and Americans for Tax Reform. Acknowledging that he comes from a heavily Republican district, Rokita argued that the Democratic narrative about a huge townhall backlash against the 2012 GOP budget is false.”