From ATR’s Mattie Corrao on “After compelling the President to axe almost $80 billion from his desired spending levels for the fiscal year, House Republicans are once again faced with the prospect of negotiating with a recalcitrant President on the next spending battle: the approaching debt ceiling. In keeping with his inflated rhetoric on the threat of a government shutdown, President Obama is feigning exigency once again, claiming a “clean” debt limit vote is necessary to prevent government default and certain economic catastrophe…With the headroom on the $14.3 trillion debt ceiling closing in, Republicans have offered several proposals that would address the government’s overspending problem that drives the mounting debt… Rather than granting the president massive spending authority for the rest of his term in exchange for one piece of desired reform, Congress should authorize short term extensions of borrowing authority… Making the debt limit debate exist in the short term restructures the debt ceiling as an actual deterrent rather than a theoretical one. The President’s inflated parlance on the looming threat of fiscal catastrophe can’t win in that debate – fiscal conservatives, and taxpayers, can.”