published an op-ed by Grover on the “tax extenders” package up again for vote this week in the House. If there is one thing most economists could agree on when it comes to tax policy, it’s that high marginal tax rates tend to affect behavior and choices. A person facing a 60 percent tax rate at the margin is less likely to seek to earn extra income when compared to a person facing a 20 percent tax rate at the margin. At some point, work just doesn’t pay.

In an article discussing how conservative leaders are asking Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) to oppose all tax increases, The Hill asked Grover what he thought the Senator would do. “Orrin Hatch is not going to tolerate a tax increase,” he said.

The Daily Caller quoted Federal Affairs Manager for ATR, Brian Johnson, on the Democrats plan to push a $165 billion pension bailout for unions. “Casey/Pomeroy measure “will essentially open the floodgates to allow all of the plans to be bailed out.”