Human Events ran an op-ed written by Americans for Tax Reform director of state affairs, Patrick Gleason, which highlighted the steep increase of total spending in Democratic states.

This spending analysis follows the release of a recent Americans for Tax Reform report on state tax changes since the 2010 election, which found that Democrat governors had enacted nearly $60 billion in tax increases since 2011, while Republican governors have cut taxes by $38 billion during that same period.

It seems the term “tax and spend liberal” isn’t just a cliché. Based on the numbers, if Democrats run your state government, it means, on average, higher taxes and more spending than if Republicans are in charge of state government.

Elena Schneider of the New York Times quoted Digital Liberty’s executive director, Katie McAuliffe, in an article detailing efforts to prompt Congress into strengthening privacy measures.

Privacy has been an increasing concern since Edward J. Snowden’s revelations last year about bulk data collection by the National Security Agency, but an overhaul of the Electronic Communications Privacy Act has failed to break into the national conversation. “Because it’s not sexy,” said Katie McAuliffe, the executive director for Digital Liberty at Americans for Tax Reform. 

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