Grover Norquist appeared on Bloomberg’s “Street Smart” with Trish Regan to discuss the fallout from former Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner’s newly released book, Stress Test.

Bloomberg published an article detailing the response to H.R. 3474, which would provide over $80 billion in tax breaks.

Groups supporting the Senate bill include Americans for Tax Reform, led by anti-tax activist Grover Norquist.

Warts and all, the Senate should pass the tax extenders bill,” the group said in a statement today. “Ideally, the best of these tax relief items would be made permanent law, and the rest would be plowed into pro-growth tax reform. For now, though, the mandate for the Senate is clear: do no harm.

The Daily Caller picked up ATR’s report highlighting over $58 billion in tax increases signed into law by Democratic governors since 2011.

While Democratic governors were busy signing off more taxes, Republican state leaders made efforts to pass tax cuts.

During the same time period that Democratic governors hiked taxed by $58 billion, Republican governors approved $36 billion in tax cuts.

The low-tax environment created by Republican leadership has won many red states the reputation of being friendly havens for businesses.