In Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government, ATR’s Chris Prandoni suggests representatives vote against Title IX next week. “Ever since Obama was sworn in, obscure federal agencies have been churning out pro-labor, anti-worker rulemakings in an attempt to reverse declining unionization numbers. Indicative of this unionization through regulation strategy is the National Mediation Board’s (NMB) minority rule decision promulgated in 2009. The NMB is a three-member board comprised of one Bush holdover and two Obama appointees—both of which are former union officials—tasked with overseeing union-employer relations in the transportation industry…Unsurprisingly, the NMB’s first major decision was a move to facilitate unionization in the transportation industry…Overturning seventy-five years of precedent and two Supreme Court rulings, the NMB ruled that a majority of voting members were required to certify a union, not a majority of all members of a workforce. For two years now, conservative activists and Members of Congress have written letters and introduced legislation attempting to annul this blatant federal overreach…The Title IX vote is over whether or not Representatives want Congress to dictate labor laws or the National Mediation Board.”

“Democrats Attempt to Enable EPA Power Grab”by ATR’s Chris Prandoni at “As of January 2011, the EPA has already begun regulating greenhouse gases so a delay bill will no longer have a meaningful impact. It does not touch the EPA’s impending National Air Ambient Quality standards, regulations which independent estimates fear could cost $1 trillion per year in compliance costs and would lead to the loss of 7 million jobs … The upcoming McConnell vote is not a referendum on climate science, as Democrats would have you believe, but on who will set the climate policy for this country. Unable to pass cap-and-trade through Congress the Administration enlisted the EPA to subvert the legislative branch and enact its preferred energy and environment policies. The McConnell amendment is about who will write this country’s energy laws, Congress or the EPA. Taxpayers need to put Congress on notice that they will not be fooled by Democrats’ fraudulent attempts to prevent backdoor implementation of cap-and-trade.”

From Erik Wasson at The Hill, “Fiscal conservatives are considering ratcheting up the pressure on Democrats if they are forced to come up with another short-term bill to fund the government. Republicans would prefer to pass a long-term spending measure and have already approved a bill for the rest of the fiscal year that cuts $61 billion… Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist, who favors passing short-term bills so long as sufficient spending cuts are made, also thinks the GOP should up its demands… Norquist does not think it at all likely that a longer-term spending bill can be agreed to by April 8. He said he assumes House leaders will present the $61 billion in cuts in H.R. 1 to the Senate once again and offer a short-term alternative. ‘We’ll do the same thing, but make it more explicit: Here is what we’d like, and here is $2 billion in cuts per week,” he said. “I think that’s the smart strategy. I think that is the way they are going to go.’”