“Top 10 things you may not know about health reform”, an ATR guest editorial in The News Enterprise.  “An organization called Americans for Tax Reform compiled its top 10 list of little-known impact of the national health reform that is referred to in some circles as Obamacare.”

From Nikki Schwab at The Washington Examiner, an Atlas Shrugged Hollywood premiere is planned for Apr. 12, at Union Station, D.C. “Aglialoro and his partner producer Harmon Kaslow also talked about their big premiere idea in front of a group gathered at the Americans for Tax Reform headquarters Wednesday afternoon. ‘We decided April 12 we are going to have a premiere, a Hollywood premiere in D.C., and it will be at the Union Station,’ Aglialoro said. ‘A lot of the shooting was at Union Station in L.A,’ he pointed out.”

“TAX ATTACK” in The Washington Times column “Inside the Beltway” by Jennifer Harper.  “Observant analysts at Americans for Tax Reform have found that the term ‘tax’ is used 255 times, ‘taxable’ is used 208 times, and ‘excise tax’ 17 times in the text of health-care reform law, now one year and one day old. ‘There are 21 new or higher taxes in Obamacare, seven of which break Obamas ‘firm pledge’ not to raise ‘any form’ of taxes on families making less than $250,000 per year,’ spokesman John Kartch tells Inside the Beltway.”

Tuesday the Property Rights Alliance launched the 2011 International Property Rights Index. From the Competitive Enterprise Institute: “Policy Analyst Marc Scribner explains why the U.S. has slipped to 18th place overall in the index. ‘The biggest contributor to the U.S.’s reduced standing was in the Physical Property Rights category (real property), which accounted for nearly half of the year-over-year decline in points. The variables for this category are protection of physical property rights, property registration, and access to loans. It is here where one might be surprised by some of the countries who rank ahead of the U.S. (ranked 25th) in terms of real property rights: Bahrain (5th), Saudi Arabia (8th), Oman (9th-tie), Botswana (21st-tie), and Tunisia (21st-tie).’”